Dogs are much like humans in that some dogs are photogenic and some are not.  Photogenic: 1. looking attractive in photographs or on film : a photogenic child. 2 Biology (of an organism or tissue) producing or emitting light. Photogenic is a concept I have always found fascinating.

Everyone has two eyes, nose and a mouth, and a specific combination makes for a great picture or a bad one.  It doesn’t matter if the person is good, bad, mean, sweet, the “photogenicness” of a person is totally random.  It has to do with the structure of the combined elements.  The covering or the skin or fur can all be “fixed” in Photoshop, but the structure of the head cannot. Examples can be found in pictures of models or movie stars standing next to their siblings or parents.  They might look similar, but only the “star” has the “it” factor that makes them “light up” the screen or picture.

Elko, is a perfect example of this.  I’ve taken literally thousands of pictures of him and he always looks exactly the same.  Toby can look serious, funny, happy, sad, mad, “tilt his head” curious, but Elko has only one look….glaring.  Ironically, Elko is the sweetest, happiest dog in the world, not a mean bone in him, a caveat for those adopting a cute dog (take time to look at the mean, ugly-looking dog).  In this picture I cropped him to his basic feature….his yellow eyes. It is body posture that tells us when he is happy (which is always), sad, or upset.

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  1. Susan Anderson says:

    You took pictures of my Shiba Inu at the Albuquerque dog show in mid-May. She was the little red dog with the curled tail from Japan that could sit up like a squirrel. Is there any way I could get copies of the pictures you took?

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