Before and After Magazine, Issue 0645

The January 2011 issue (article 0645) of Before and After Magazine is out today and it features a “make-over” of my business card!! What an honor and a dream come true! They did a gorgeous job. Now I have to go through all my collaterals: blog, website, facepage and make sure they look as “purty” as my business card. Thank you John McWade, Dexter Abellera, Sean D’Souza, and all the other staff of the Before and After Magazine for the beautiful work you have done.

My favorite part of the article is how they did minute alignments to Toby’s photo to align his head perfectly with the rectangle of the card and the font of the business name. It is details like this and clean design that makes me a loyal fan of Before and After Magazine.

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2 Responses to Before and After Magazine, Issue 0645

  1. Just read the Before and After piece and thought I would stop by.
    Like the new business card, love the pictures.

    Good luck with everything…

  2. yolie says:

    I saw you from B&A mag, Love your works! :)

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