Pablo Lobato, illustrator of the month

Most of us were taught in art classes that to draw the human head you start with an oval. Argentinean caricaturist and illustrator, Pablo Lobato, didn’t get that memo. His work starts with triangles, rectangles, octagons, and lines and then he  fills them with traffic-stopping red, yellow, orange, acid green, teal blue and purple. His ability to bring together basic geometric shapes and make them more iconic and recognizable than a photograph is uncanny. Several years ago I saw one of his illustrations in a magazine, tore it out, placed it by my computer, looked him up on the internet, and immediately became a fan of all matters, “Lobaton”

A caricaturist for the 21st century,  his images of celebrities, musicians and sports figures done with vectors are featured worldwide and his clients include the New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, LA Times Magazine, LA Magazine, The New Republic, Boston Globe, Texas Monthly, Cosmopolitan Germany, Gooo, Chief Executive, Flare, AARP, Paste Magazine, New York Daily. His work can be seen on his agent’s site, Anna Goodson or his Facepage.

Recently I stumbled on this image of Dobermans on his facepage. With triangular ears and graphic body, the Doberman breed couldn’t be a more perfect model for Pablo’s skills and I immediately emailed him and invited him to be my first featured artist of 2011.  Always responsive to his fans, here are his answers to my penetrating investigative questions: 1. Yes, I am a “dog person,”  2. My dog, Pixel, is Pointer/Doberman mix from the Buenos Aires’ dog pound and looks exactly like the dog from the Simpsons, and 3.  Yes, Pixel serves as a model and muse for my work and for this illustration on a story about home invasions for the Canadian Reader’s Digest.

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