….what did Santa bring you for Christmas?

I’ve had a few photographer friends ask me what wonderful photography equipment did I receive for Christmas and yes, I did spend all my Christmas money and more, aaargh, on studio equipment. It seems like most of it was utilitarian items.. a couple of sandbags, baby wall plates and more.

But one gift stands out and every time I walk by it I think I would trade all those traditional items advertisers think we want,….diamond rings, perfumes, sweaters, high end cars, etc…for this one item.  What is it? The Presto Heat Dish!!

Available at my local Costco and I’ve seen it on Amazon, this is a great floor heater for the studio!! And although those of you who know me personally and know that because of my metal legs I love the cold, the colder the better, I do have limits, and when it hits  the 35 degrees mark or lower some heat is appreciated.

Now why would I blog about this heater on a dog photography/illustration site? Well, the beauty of this heater is that when it tips over it makes a horrendous noise.  The noise is so annoying and heart-stopping that none of my dogs go near it…except for Chama…who is deaf…but that’s another story.

My baby wall plates came in the mail today. I know you are all waiting breathlessly for me to explain what they are. As soon as I set them up I will answer all your questions so stay tune!!

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