Jasper and Sebastian and why I love to photograph dogs.

In early December I had the opportunity to photograph both of these dogs on the same week. As I was going through the proofs and editing down the images, I was struck by why I love photographing animals in general and dogs in particular.  I had photographed, what seemed on paper the same type of animal;  two large gray dogs. But what the photos demonstrate is that within the same species, God can produce two very distinct, unique animals:  Jasper,  a Weimaraner, a gun dog bred for hunting large animals such as boar, bear and deer and Sebastian, a Bouvier des Flandres,  a double coated dog bred to care for domestic animals found on ranches or farms.

Both dogs  bounced into the studio with tremendous enthusiasm, charm and a willingness to please, both big hams wanting to be the “center of attention.” But there the similarities end, Jasper is a long legged graphic dog with a beautiful shimmery coat documented with much success by Wegman’s and his stable of Weimaraner dogs and puppies versus Sebastion who framed in wonderful wiry texture has a strong personality that shows clearly despite all that hair.

Photographing dogs is an activity were no one asks me to pleeeeeze “Photoshop” out the wrinkles in the skin, change the texture of the coat, change the color of the fur, remove defects, thin or thicken the body, or add, remove or whiten smiles, Both owners were proud and happy of their babies just the way they were and I was honored and happy to comply. We could all learn something here about similarities, diversity and acceptance as found in our best friends.

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