Ultimate Blog Challenge

Happy New Year, January 1st, 2011!!! Am I crazy…I mean it, really crazy? I am starting the Ultimate Blog Challenge, 31 blog entries in 31 days!!!  I registered almost a month ago. I was working on updating my blog, website and business card through a marketing class at UNM Continuing Education and our teacher, Mary Ellen, had just finished the challenge. I thought it would be fun, ha!

Ten seconds later, oops 25 days later, and it is time to start. The problem is not coming up with ideas for a blog, I have tons when working in the studio, reading books, websites, comics, listening to music or viewing a TV show or a movie… the problem is the discipline to jot the idea down. Now I have no excuse.

Attached to this entry is a perfect example of how one idea can generate many. Here I shot Toby wearing his “old man glasses” watching a computer screen that displays “blog.” Overall I am happy with the image and hope to submit it as a stock work.  But this image also serves as a springboard for other ideas and future blog entries: one on safety in the studio and another on “baby wall plates.”  Stay tune to find out what “baby wall plates” are and how important they are in animal photography. To me my blog is my personal “think tank” or “brainstorming session.” Thanks for joining in the ride.

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2 Responses to Ultimate Blog Challenge

  1. Chuck Ring says:

    Saw your post on AmSpecblog. Certainly made sense to me. I love dogs, so naturally I have to love your dlog, er blog.

    Have fun and it really isn’t that difficult to blog every day. WordPress is running a blogaday2011 or blogaweek2011.

    You on on the way to sucess … I’d wager.

    Good Luck

  2. Jessica says:

    I saw your blog on the challenge website. I’m trying to do a daily blog for the year. I love your site I blog about dogs as well…I will be def. checking out your website often :)

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