Halloween – Toby the Wizard and Igor

Happy Halloween from Toby and his Assistant, Igor. I’ve discussed in past entries, the concept of what makes a person or animal photogenic. And that some dogs, like humans are more photogenic than others. Although Elko wants to have his picture taken once he is on the table he gets an “itchy” attack. He squirms, wiggles, scratches, twirls…he just can’t sit still. An unlike Toby who can grin, smile, be serious etc.,  he only has the one “glaring” look. But every dog and every image has its purpose. Going through the proofs, I found this shot of Elko glaring in the background (lower left hand side of the photo). Perfect timing and a perfect pose!! Shout out to Michael K. who suggested the title of the image: Toby, the Wizard and his Assistant, Igor.

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  1. natalie says:

    thanks for sharing your pics. they look great. it’s amazing how much personality comes through. hope you are well!

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