Chama – A new addition

One of the top ten joys in life, at least for me,  has to be getting a new puppy.  Chama joined us a couple of weeks ago and has brought us joy and chaos into our lives. She is a four month old Australian Cattle Dog and is very much a representative of her breed: fiercely independent, loyal, tireless, fast, and extremely smart. She is deaf, but God has re-gifted her with superpowers; the sniffing abilities of a bloodhound and the visual acuity of a bird of prey. For us, we have had to polish up on our hand signals, the first and foremost is the command “no,” since her SOP is “yes.” I’ve since learned that the source of most dogs’ fears is sound-related, making Chama fearless. During a huge hailstorm last week, Toby and Elko were shaking, velcroed to me, while Chama sat by the window watching the white pellets fall on the window, not bothered at all by the sound of the hail or the crash of thunder.

Of course, I immediately took her to the studio to photograph her.  One of my goals is to shoot just her tail which is a bushy bright white flag ringed in black, much like a raccoon. And, of course, I couldn’t help myself, I had to shoot her with the ubiquitous bandanna, a la “Mad Max.”  Being very food-oriented, she did very well, and the strobe lights didn’t bother her at all.

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  1. Corene says:

    I love your description of Chama – I too own a deaf ACD and wouldn’t trade him for the world. Beautiful photos of her!

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