Welcome to my first entry to the Three Dogs a Month Blog.  This blog is about dog photography and illustration.  I will be featuring mostly my work, but will discuss and add other features and images related to dog photography and illustration.

My first entry is about Rosie. Rosie is an adorable 15 month pup who just happens to live next door.  I promised my neighbor Virginia I would photograph her new puppy, Rosie and, as usual, something always came up.  We would schedule, cancel, then reschedule.  Finally I called and told her to bring Rosie as is. I am  finding that much like kids, puppies just want to be their natural selves…fancy grooming just makes them nervous, makes them feel like something is up.  Leaving them as is and just having them over is like kids just going out to play…no big deal.  So here is Rosie pretty much “al natural.”

During the first half of the shoot she was squirming, trying to get off the table, refusing to sit, grabbing treats, and just overall not paying attention.  After a couple of breaks, for some reason, she stood still and finally seemed to realize she was the center of attention.  I caught her in this, my favorite, pose.  It seems to say, “I’m Rosie, I’m a dog, hear me roar (bark) and although I’m only 10 pounds, I have all my four paws on the ground.”  The pose where she is in the bucket was a fluke.  She didn’t seem to want to be in the bucket and at this juncture I just let her go and I caught this pose.

This next picture is something I am planning to photograph every time a dog comes to my studio…their own unique toy. The toy has no relation to the size, breed, temperament of the dog.  It is the object, that each particular dog has chosen as it’s own personal “thing.”

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