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My sister forwarded me some dog illustrations featured in an e-newsletter from Eleanor & Pushmepullyoudesign.  I recognized this Philadelphia animal illustrator immediately as I follow her site often.  Her clean graphic work reminds me so much of one of my favorite artist, Charley Harper. However, I didn’t see much canine work on her site until I got these images from my sister.  They are so adorable that I immediately emailed Eleanor to invite her to be a featured artists on my blog.  You can find out more about her through her blog and site.  In addition, the website Grain Edit features an interview with Eleanor.  I did asked her two of my very important questions and here are her answers: 1. Cat or dog person? “I have two cats, but I say, cat or dog person: why choose!” and 2. Do you have an animal and what kind?  “I have two little kitties – one is a fluffy lady, and the other is a cute little trouble-making boy.” Her animal images, designed using Adobe Illustrator, are featured on everything from keds to coffee mugs. These images were designed for a UK magazine.

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  1. Daphne Collins says:

    Debbie, all roads lead to Design*Sponge (my single most favorite blog pleasure), that’s where I found Eleanor’s dog images. She was featured on D*S for an amazing IKEA tea towel tablecloth she made. Eleanor is quite the craft girl. I’m glad you two connected. Daphne

  2. wotoadgi says:

    Verbena. Photo: The Chronicle/John Storey

    Verbena has closed after roughly 15 months of business on Polk Street, but the same team will reboot and reopen restaurant later this week. The new restaurant will, appropriately, be named Reverb.

    According to partners Eric Fenster and Ari Derfel, the second take reflects the feedback from their Russian Hill neighborhood, while still referencing Verbena, so they decided to reset the restaurant to fully convey the changes. The chef will remain Ryan Shelton, who the kitchen last month.

    We had a vision for this place, and it s not what it came out like, says Derfel, pointing out that even though Verbena received its share of critical success, it wasn t the kind of place where locals were returning twice a week. One of the things we pride ourselves is listening. It s about being a service to a neighborhood, and trying to service what the community wants.

    That means less innovative modern food, and as they put it, more innovative comfort food, bearing a closer resemblance to Berkeley sister restaurant, Gather.

    The new Reverb menu will feature a lower price point, and Shelton s takes on more accessible items like housemade pasta, ribs, and chicken and waffles; stay tuned for the final menu later this week.

    Adds Derfel: You know what? Sometimes you just got to do it again and do it right

    Reverb will open on Thursday, March 26.

    Reverb: 2323 Polk Street, between Union and Green, San Francisco;?(415) 441-2323

    ? Previously:?Russian Hill?? Verbena hires a new chef: Ryan Shelton [ -

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