Lost files

Amber, my neighbor’s dachshund, was caught in this picture winking….probably just had something in her eye, but I would like to think she was winking at me.  And Toby, surrounded by pumpkins donated by a friend.  What do these images have in common?  I lost the the files from these photo shoots!!  No matter what procedure I follow there are always little cracks in the system.

Amber’s shoot was lost when a fairly new portable drive (Western Digital) died on me.  Took it to the “Geek Squad” to retrieve the data…$250 to send to their main office…the drive only cost $100!!  The Toby shoot was lost when I was backing up several files and I disconnected the drive from my laptop before they were all transferred.

The only reason I have these two images is that I emailed them to my sister and I found them in my email “sent” files. Now I religiously download the pictures to my laptop 10 seconds after I finish the job, attach a job number to the file, renumber all the images in the file and copy them to 2 drives and my Mac computer. I only use Seagate drives.  I’ve never had problems with them with my Mac. Live and learn.

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2 Responses to Lost files

  1. Zac Van Note says:

    I’ve never seen a photo of a dog winking like this! It’s great!

  2. Candice says:

    Hi Debra These photos are just too cute Awsome :)

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