Favorite Christmas Present

Handmade by my nephew, Wes, this Snoopy is by far my favorite gift this Christmas. I can’t remember the last time I’ve received a homemade gift…I don’t include homemade cookies, cakes, candy….I love those gifts…and don’t stop giving them to me!!!

My little sister noted that her favorite gift when she was a kid was a pillow I made her in the shape of a dachshund. That comment made me think that ‘homemade’ gifts have gone the way of the VCR. Today many gifts are purchased in bulk, online, or the ubiquitous gift cards were we actually have to go out and buy our own gift!! Make no mistake, I love gift cards, but the time and effort Wes took to make this Snoopy made me realize how precious the homemade gift is to receive!

Another issue about this Snoopy is the simplicity of the form.  The basic “bean” or “amoeba” shape is used for the head and body, squiggles for nose and eyes, and two black ovals for the ears all together form one of most famous canine in comic/cartoon history. When I find that drawing or photographing my dogs becomes a big brain block, I think of Snoopy or Fred (see blog entry: Copper) and tell myself “keep it simple, simple, simple” and go from there.

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  1. Wes says:

    Tia Debbie, That’s so cool. Thanks for my art on the internet. It’s my first. Love, Wes

    PS – just got back with Mom & Dad to visit the coolest dog – Taylor. He needs a home and we need a dog. I hope we get him.

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