Welcome to the Three Dogs a Month Blog

Given my propensity as a big motor mouth and a self-avowed computer nerd you would think I would have had a blog a long time ago.  Well here it is, finally, in all its glory, Three Dogs a Month.  The title derives from my website, Three Perros Design, www.threeperros.com.  My website title comes from the fact that, one, I have three dogs, and two the domains, “Three Dogs” and Tres Perros” were already taken so I blended the words Three Perros.  “Three Dogs a Month” is also a goal for the blog: to post something at least three times a month…forget that I will ever get around to updating my website. My other goal is to just provide a weekly (actually every 10 days) smile to you as well as to myself as we slog through this journey known as life and to highlight the animal companions that ride along with us.

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6 Responses to Welcome to the Three Dogs a Month Blog

  1. ginger says:

    I absolutely love it. It is straigh forward, infomrational, fun and great to look at.
    As always you are teaching in all that you do. I salute you and your continued efforts!!
    Also look forward to the next blog.
    Hurray Debbie …honoring yourself and sharing your gifts.

  2. Bonnie Hughes says:

    Always enjoy looking at pictures of dogs and happy to see what you’re up to. Some day one of my mutts may need a portrait taken, and you’ll be the first to know.


  3. Debbie Miller says:

    Nice job on the blog! Love Rosie and look forward to seeing more of your work! Ricky sends his best as well.

  4. Daphne Collins says:

    It’s perfect. You’ve nailed your goals and then some. Thanks for the smile. My heart bursts with pride over your creative, and amazing art. You rock! You go girl. You are amazing.

  5. Lloryn Swan says:

    Great job Debbie! I look forward to checking your blog on a regular basis.

  6. Virginia Thomas says:

    Your such an artist. I love your blog. Toby is such a sweetie. I know to get a photo of Alco you have to be ready. And Rosie well I have a soft spot for her. See ya round neighbor.

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